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Natural Hydrosol (Herbal Water) Product List is listed below.

You can reach us with detailed information about 100% Natural and Unrefined Herbal waters you have requested.

Product NameBotanical NameProduction MethodPrice
Aniseed Water (Hydrosol)Illicium verumDistillationContact Us
Clary Sage Water (Hydrosol)salvia trilobaDistillationContact Us
Cumin Water (Hydrosol)cuminum cyminumDistillationContact Us
Juniper Berry Water (Hydrosol)juniperus excelsaDistillationContact Us
Laurel Leaf Water (Hydrosol)laurus nobilis leafDistillationContact Us
Lavander Water (Hydrosol)lavandula angustifolia herbDistillationContact Us
Myrtle Leaf Water (Hydrosol)myrtus communis leafDistillationContact Us
Oregano Water (Hydrosol)Origanum vulgareDistillationContact Us
Rose Water (Hydrosol)rosa damascenaDistillationContact Us
Rosemary Water (Hydrosol)rosmarinus officinalisDistillationContact Us

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